Sunday, December 28, 2014

Exploring Injustice

I don't know where this post will go and I barely know where it will start but I know I have thoughts and words and I might as well share them. 

I am on the side of the brothers and sisters in Ferguson and around the country who are fighting. This fight is real and it is important and we should not stop until true equality and justice has been realized. 

I say we lightly. I don't yet know my place in all this. I can be an ally and support my black friends. If I had any guts, I would protest and donate money to the cause and stop living my life of luxury that I have been privileged enough to lead. As much as I agree with the cause, I am so far from it that it is almost offensive. 

So there's the bare bones of part 1 of my thoughts. Shall we move onto part 2? 

I mourn the lives of the black men and women killed without cause. I mourn the lives of white men and women, of Latino men and Latina women, I mourn the lives of the two cops killed in the city this December. However. I have a priority here and I cannot decide if I am ashamed or not. But here goes. 

While I do not think any of these people deserve to die or be killed - if I was forced to choose I would ensure the lives of the unarmed men and women killed so unjustly and so institutionally. I would not ensure the lives of random police officers; not until I have seen a response from them that is not defensive and "justified". 

I am not as educated as I could be on this matter and I await someone telling me what I have missed. This is where I am ashamed. I know there are cops out there who are ashamed of what their colleagues have done or what they might have done themselves but I have seen no one come out publicly. I have seen no statements made regretting actions made by cops in fear and in racism. This institutional injustice requires the powers that be taking responsibility. 

I will wait.   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exploring An Introduction

The title is simple. The URL is simple. The reason is simple. I think about things and I want to say things about things. So here is a place for me to say what I'm thinking!

I have a tumblr, but all those in the know know that simply writing is not a place for tumblr. So I'll have my tumblr for all my Doctor Who .gifs and my MDK musings and for my frantic swearing and hating examples of awful humanity. And I'll have here for my thoughts that make a little bit more sense, the ones that require more detail and more words. This will be where I explore my life and the lives of those around me.

These are my explorations!